Are you looking for a diet to lose weight in a fast and healthy way?
Our method for weight loss is scientifically proven.

Lev Diet® consist of a treatment without using medication with which you will be able to lose weight in a healthy, efficient way, without loss of muscle mass and without felling hungry. No matter how much weight you want to lose, Lev Diet® easily adapts to your needs.

Lev Diet® Method

With Lev Diet® you will not only reach your ideal weight over a short period of time, but you will also get to know the best way of eating a balanced diet after the end of the treatment and maintaining the results obtained in the long term, avoiding the common diet yo-yo effect.

Lev Diet® Sports Plan

The Lev Diet® Sports Plan, designed for regular practitioners of sport wishing to enhance both their body composition and physical performance, consists of an eating plan geared to increasing muscle mass in a healthy manner.