About Us

The Francediet® Laboratory began quantitative and qualitative research in the year 2000 as a means of classifying the Portuguese population with regard to the issue of “weight-loss”. Once the shortcomings in the traditional approaches to the fight against excess weight and obesity had been identified, the Lev Diet® method was created in 2002. Approval was immediate and the expansion of the brand inevitable. Lev Diet® quickly became the market leader in the sector, as the more than 100,000 success stories bear witness to.

Come the consolidation of the Lev Diet® brand between 2013 e 2014 the Francediet® Laboratory decided to take another major step and opened seven clinics in Spain and one in Switzerland.

The Lev Diet® consists of a simple, safe and effective weight loss treatment administered with the precious collaboration of a vast and experienced team of nutritionists who guarantee rapid and essentially long-lasting results.