The Lev Diet Method

Are you looking for a diet to lose weight in a fast and healthy way?

Lev Diet consist of a treatment without using medication with which you will be able to lose weight in a healthy, efficient way, without loss of muscle mass and without felling hungry. No matter how much weight you want to lose, Lev Diet easily adapts to your needs.

With Lev Diet you will not only reach your ideal weight over a short period of time, but you will also get to know the best way of eating a balanced diet after the end of the treatment and maintaining the results obtained in the long term, avoiding the common diet yo-yo effect.

During the entire treatment you will have the permanent and personalised support of our nutritionists through free appointments every 10 days for you to be able to lose weight quickly without losing your motivation.

Even after the end of Lev Diet you can attend our free appointments every 20 days. Being guaranteed that you will maintain your ideal weight permanently.

Our method for weight loss is scientifically proven.

Clinical Assessment

To lose weight in a healthy manner, you should start by making a nutritional appointment in one of Lev Diet clinics, spread all over the country.

At the appointment, the nutritionist will make a deep clinical assessment which will allow to personalise your diet. Information on your body composition (weight, height, percentage of fat mass, muscle mass, basal metabolism, BMI – Body Mass Index) is collected, as well as information concerning your history of weight, usual medication, eating habits and biochemical parameters, in order for possible contraindications with Lev Diet to be diagnosed.

Your motivation is also a key factor for the success of Lev Diet

Clinical Assessment

Phases of Lev Diet

Your personalised nutritional plan will be presented after the assessment. The Lev Diet plan consists of four phases of treatment, which are explained by the nutritionist in detail.

Phase 1 | Rapid Weight Loss

All traditional food is replaced by our meals.
Moreover, we recommend vegetables as a side-dish for your meals. An appointment every 10 days to monitor the results.

Phase 2 | Gradual weight loss

The gradual introduction of certain traditional foods such as lean meat and fish, and, consequently, a lower consumption of Lev meals. An appointment every 10 days to monitor the results.

Phase 3 | Weight stabilisation

The introduction of traditional low glycemic load foods such as low-fat milk and an assortment of fruit. From then on the Lev diet may also be accompanied by regular physical exercise to enhance results even further. An appointment every 10 days to monitor the results.

Phase 4 | Maintaining your weight

A full return to traditional food, with your newly acquired knowledge on how to eat well with a view to maintaining your ideal weight. If you so wish you may continue to consume some Lev meals, as they serve as an excellent complement to traditional food due to the fact they are low in carbohydrates and calories. To ensure you don´t lose your motivation, you may continue to attend nutritional appointments every 20 days at no additional cost.

Lev Meals

Besides being extremely tasty, Lev Diet meals are also low in calories and carbohydrates and rich in protein to enable you to lose fat without losing muscle mass.

These meals are basically composed of food derived from the protein from milk, soybean, alfalfa and egg white, to which a wide variety of flavours and textures is added to ensure the Lev Diet experience is the most authentic possible. With over 150 gourmet meals available, Lev Diet promises a diet with no hunger cravings whatsoever and no side-effects.

The Lev Diet includes a wide range of sweet and salted meals to ensure your food is as varied as possible and you don´t miss traditional food.

Food Supplements

To ensure you lose weight quickly and in a balanced manner the Lev Diet includes a range of food supplements as part of your nutrition plan. These food supplements may be used during the diet.
In conjunction with Lev meals, the food supplements are in accordance with the Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) of all the essential nutrients (vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids), ensuring your diet is complete, healthy and well balanced.

All the food supplements in the Lev diet are produced at certified European pharmaceutical laboratories, guaranteeing the inexistence of toxic waste and heavy metals which are harmful to the health. These supplements are tested exhaustively as a means of guaranteeing the stability and bioavailability of their ingredients. The formulas of all the supplements guarantee the inexistence of excipients which might undermine the Lev Diet weight loss process.