Lev Diet® Sports Plan

The Lev Diet® Sports Plan, designed for regular practitioners of sport wishing to enhance both their body composition and physical performance, consists of an eating plan geared to increasing muscle mass in a healthy manner. With the assistance of Lev Diet® meals and supplements, the idea is to provide a sufficient intake of calories and a correct distribution of nutrients over the day, to ensure the energy spent at each training session is duly replaced.

Lev Diet® meals feature a high biological value protein content, and as such are recommended for people looking for an alternative ready-to-consume source of energy. Each Lev Diet® meal also contains low amounts of lipids and provides fewer carbohydrates than common bars, making them ideal to complement the eating plan for practitioners of sport.

Lev Diet® bars, yoghurts, biscuits and cookies are some of the products on offer for snacks or a post-training bite to eat, providing a great option for people looking for snacks with a pleasant taste.

Our nutritionists will monitor your progress at free appointments every 20 days throughout the plan to help you achieve your targets.